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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jugaad Marketing

Just few days ago, ads from Rajasthan tourism are taking internet by buzz. Their way of delivering the message about Rajasthan tourism is unique and attracted the most. But what draw my attention is the Jugaad they have shown in one of their ads.  A tandem Motorcycle that have a seat for five out of which the villagers sat on two and offer three to stranded  foreigners and ride towards their destination.  I have recently seen two more jugaad ads of and Exide Life insurance. These are all out of the box idea, that’s why they are stealing the limelight. Jugaad an Indian word and almost practice by every Indian once in their lifetime, especially by the lower and middle class Indian. When they saw it elsewhere, relate it with their jugaad and hence find it attractive. This strategy of marketing is climbing the ladder slowly and steady in the market and in time to come, we can see more these types of theme based ads.

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