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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Jugaad Marketing

Just few days ago, ads from Rajasthan tourism are taking internet by buzz. Their way of delivering the message about Rajasthan tourism is unique and attracted the most. But what draw my attention is the Jugaad they have shown in one of their ads.  A tandem Motorcycle that have a seat for five out of which the villagers sat on two and offer three to stranded  foreigners and ride towards their destination.  I have recently seen two more jugaad ads of and Exide Life insurance. These are all out of the box idea, that’s why they are stealing the limelight. Jugaad an Indian word and almost practice by every Indian once in their lifetime, especially by the lower and middle class Indian. When they saw it elsewhere, relate it with their jugaad and hence find it attractive. This strategy of marketing is climbing the ladder slowly and steady in the market and in time to come, we can see more these types of theme based ads.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Clicks for Free & Money for Nothing

Content Creators on You Tube and Twitter take home good handsome money, nothing goes to platforms providers. The concept of paid tweets is rapidly increasing in India.  Actors, socialites, sportsperson are taking 10 to 12 lakh per tweet for product/service promotion and not even a single penny goes to platform provider Twitter. When twitter came to know about it, they contacted the concerned organization, but the organization did not elicit any response.  Over 80% of company revenue comes from these paid advertisements.  Same with the case of You Tube. Popular content creators like TVF and AIB has been directly inking advertisements deals for their content independently. TVF, the largest subscription base of over 1.5 million subscribers on You Tube, had an advertising deal with while AIB whose subscription are over 1 million and stand 2nd to TVF recently seal an independent advertising deal with  e-commerce giant Snapdeal. YouTube doesn’t even know about such kind of deals.  When they came to know about this and that they are losing a big money, they finally woke up to revenue leakage and banned content creators from directly tying up with advertisers. Google ads sales team will monitor the process. It may just be a matter of time before these platforms find some way of getting a pound of flesh from their cows.

Rise of Sports in India

Finally, there are signs of sports beyond cricket in Indian sporting world. With the rise of leagues like football, kabaddi, hockey, badminton, long-tennis, wrestling etc. India is becoming more aware about the sports other than cricket. Advertisers are attracted towards these leagues as cricket is becoming too expensive. Giants like Hero MotoCorp, Maruti, Samsung, Puma, PepsiCo, TVS, Flipkart, Amul etc, are sponsoring these leagues and getting good responses. Celebrities’ like Ranbir Kappor, John Abraham, Hritik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan, Sourabh Ganguly are the proud owners of different leagues teams. All these factors have contributed to make these leagues successful, but this is not the primary reason of success of these leagues. Emergence of players like Saina Nehwal, Sania Mirza, Anup Kumar, Jasvir Singh, Sushil Kumar, Yogender Dutt etc is the primary reason India is moving towards these sports. But it doesn’t mean that cricket is losing its grip. It’s still the number one sports in India. IPL is the most followed league in India with 552 million viewers in its 8th season, followed by 435 million viewers of Pro Kabaddi League and 429 million of Hero Indian Super League (Football). Well, can they overtake cricket in India or they will only fall second to it like always. The answers to these questions will take time but when it does, remember where have you heard it first.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Digitally divided India

A recent survey stated that less than 20% Indian speak in English and more than 95% digital ad spends is on English media. Being a multilingual country where more than 22 (official) and 1652 (unofficial) languages is spoken, no doubt India is one of the biggest market for digital marketing in future. But the brands have to spread their reach to vernacular languages also. Dailyhunt, the multi-lingual news aggregator stated that more than 95% of their users consume content in vernacular languages. Not only this, $20 billion worth of content consumed by Indians is in local languages.  Recently Quikr updated itself to seven languages, the most interesting fact about this is that all vernacular versions show ads in same languages instead of English. Hike messenger launched itself into eight vernacular languages to increase its customer base. Ola also announced that it will be soon going to adopt vernacular languages like HDFC securities and Hungama did. Even giant like Godrej has opted for this concept, out of there 138 campaigns last year, 34 were in regional languages. But it’s very early days. It will be a while before the wisdom spreads its wings. What will take flight in no time – language tech startups that’ll enable other startups to opt for this option? Don’t be surprise, if they become B2B next big thing.