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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Tales of Gate


-By Nimisha Sharma

My journey in IMI, started in 2011. I have been here stand and still, getting rusted after every murky rains and painted in every dazzling summers, observing everything with a great tranquility under the heat of the sun and shades of the canopy. Although I don’t say much except for a creak or a slam but I have with me some earnest and some humorous stories. I am white, small in height but have all the vibrant shades in me which are filled with tales. I have seen smiling faces of achievements and woeful faces of detachments. I have seen the gloomy goodbyes and affectionate welcomes. I have seen students entering with towering hopes, strong aspirations, ample goals, tremendous aims, immense expectations and returning with a luggage full of cherishing memories, great experiences, prominent exposure, catchy opportunities, impulse motivation, imperishable bonds and connections.

I welcome all the great people of the corporate world, with due respect, telling them the achievements that IMI holds. Showing them the beautiful lush green campus through my bars. I even see off them and make a mark of remembrance. My heart feels blissful when I see boys and girls coming to play with the pet dogs of IMI near me. A feeling of content comes from within when the dogs shake their tales and try to jump a mile and laugh.

Every day, I meet with dozens of delivery persons, holding hundreds of couriers and waiting for the smiling faces of startle to come and pick them up. Every day I see the joggers and the runners, some losing their weight and some becoming fit by balancing the breath rate. Every day I see peeps crossing my bars, going through the posh road under the canopy to mingle and to chit chat and to have Tea and Maggie.

Every night at sharp 9:00, I try to act stubborn and close my bars, stopping everyone to get through, accepting apologizes with a raspy face. I deliberately hide my laughing face on the excuses they give, then with a mulish act I let them finally in. This is how it goes all around the clock. Sometimes sweet and sometimes sour I stand still with a twerk and some bars.

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