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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument”

-By Vibhor Agarwal

Arguments are silly, often undesired and unwanted, still they are a necessary part of our social construct and the society. Arguments are the fuel for a healthy democracy, they tend to appreciate the notion of free expression, which is the birth right of every individual.

A parliament is a setting where the members are paid to argue. The whole nation wants them to argue, but this trail of never ending argument must lead to some conclusion, conclusion that transcends into law. India as a country value this process as much as it values the review of the law.
In India, the law may have been passed but the debate continues, in the form of media coverage. TV channel fill their slots with meaningless debates to maintain their T.R.Ps and fill their coffers. Yet there are no conclusive results for the debate. There are great speakers, who with their enamored voice can sway the public notion in their favor but over time they also become the caricatures of their image.

Then there are those leaders, who are quoted time and again, like it is a universal truth or some divine knowledge. The perspective behind the quotes almost never mentioned, but it doesn’t mean that there thoughts are irrelevant or incorrect. Over the time these quotes have become idioms, fitting in some situations and completely useless in other.

The voices are needed to be heard, they need to resonate through history. A loud voice may be a disruptive force but it need not necessarily bring the change. Change requires a more powerful harbinger than the mere noise. Change requires meaning and change without meaning cannot sustain itself for long.
Arguments help us in sorting out the good ideas from the bad ones, or sometimes reach a conclusion after thorough analysis. Then there is a change in world, which was at first touted as the biggest instrument for freedom, but now has turned into a force of chaos.
The rise of social media has given voice to many, it has created stars out of ordinary people just because their voice could reach the millions and affect them in some way or other although the quality of arguments on the platform is debatable. People are held in high light and are then forgotten like the flowers of autumn.

Arguments need not be necessarily be in the form of words, they can be an expression from a painting, a tune of flute or simply a song, but they all should carry a deeper meaning. This deeper meaning can be sought by those who wish to seek them, and in seeking those pursuits, one can remember this statement making them concrete and unbreakable.

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