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Friday, March 29, 2019


In philosophy, empiricism is a theory that states knowledge comes primarily from experience. And to experience the richness of a diverse country, one must eat the food they eat, wear the clothes they wear and dance to the tunes they dance to.

Indians and French are similar on many grounds. The one worth mentioning is that we’re both big on gastronomy. In India, it’s all about variety — of dishes, of spices, of regional specialties, of elaborate platters a.k.a. thalis. In France, it’s all about pairing the right foods — wine and cheese, wine and main course, main course and sauce, liquor and dessert. With the result that we spend considerable amounts of time in the kitchen and at the table. And yes, guilty as charged, during lunch breaks at work/otherwise.

IMI Bhubaneswar, home to students from a mélange of cultural diversity, hosted a student exchange program in collaboration with Rennes School of Business, France. It was a three month exchange program where six students from France travelled all the way to IMI Bhubaneswar to experience the nuances in cultural diversity and celebrate the similarities between the two countries. During their sojourn at IMI, French students were exposed to the same curriculum as followed in IMI (classroom teaching, presentations, exams and industrial visits). In fact they were also a part of the annual cultural event Phronesis 9.0, where they represented team IMI and won laurels. Indian students were as exhilarated as the French, to welcome the latter during celebrations of Lohri and Holi. It was a reciprocity of language, culture, food and above all; love. 

The six French students (Fatine Azim, Cyril Chollat, Romain Payet, Sara Salhi, Ambre Faucon and Leslie Lefevre) collectively expressed their desire to visit the country again while their Indian counterparts expressed avidity in playing the host in future.

Here’s what some of the French students would like to share:

Sara Salhi
“Being a part of IMI Bhubaneswar for three months was a great pleasure. In fact coming to India was one of my childhood dreams. So the fact that I experienced this with wonderful people around, made me love this trip even more. What I liked the most about this college is the capability to stay inside the campus and share our daily life with other students. This gave me an opportunity to get involved with the Indian culture and meet new people, who I can now consider as my good friends. Though the school program may be considered as tough when you compare it to the French system; but I took it up as a challenge. The overall experience has been over-whelming and I’ve fallen in love with the Indian culture.”

Cyril Chollat
“This trimester at IMI Bhubaneswar has passed rather quickly for me. From the beginning we were very well received by the professors and the students. I experienced a friendly atmosphere that reigned in the establishment, Indian students were close in their relationships. Above all, they were warm, caring and didn’t have any reluctance in trying to gel with us; which was very appreciable. Some habits were disrupted; the food of course, the surveillance of the institute, accommodation, distance from the city center and etc. Others are getting close to France like the courses I thought would be taught differently but to my surprise group projects, schedules and other activities were the same. It was indeed an enriching experience that made us discover how a business school works in a culture that’s so different from ours.”

Romain Payet
“What I have learnt from my time in India is, that people are very welcoming, respectful and friendly. They are always there for you and make you feel at home. IMI Bhubaneswar is a quality school, with values and ethics worthy of the name. I was very excited to come here and now I don’t want to go back.”
With this student exchange program IMI Bhubaneswar has just reaffirmed its motto of ‘Shaping global leaders for tomorrow’.

On behalf of the college we would like to wish our French mates all the very best for their future endeavors and it was a pleasure having them here.

Bon chance!

Sunday, March 24, 2019


     -Vibhor Agarwal

The petrichor of the first rain used to sweep me up from my window and I would continuously watch the droplets hitting my window race down to the bottom. Those were the usual evenings when I was a kid. Back then the noons didn’t bore me to and the evenings weren’t tiring enough. Those were the days where the hardest decision was whether we want to watch Duck tales or Aladdin, I could have stay all day in front of TV, watching cartoons and no one would disturb me, that was the best summer I could have imagined.

Then we grew up and complicate our lives to enter the system of society. We educate ourselves, gets into social circles, tries to form relationship other than the blood ones and eventually make our lives complicated and as a matter of fact, spend most of the time trying to defend the walls which we create to protect ourselves and others.

But sometimes it is better to break the walls and make amends to life. No matter how great your life was, it is not good to stuck all day long wondering what life would have been but it could be better, if we try harder avoid mistakes, take note of the fallacies and make amendments for our lives. It needs to be better is all I know and I could develop something better than what it used to be. I must be an aspirant of success that must really be hard to make the sensitive issue tough and boring. I must commit to myself to work hard and be patient it is not your time , your time will come when these assholes couldn’t take it anymore. It must be tough for them to sacrifice their sleep for one day, insensitive little pricks. I must be steadfast on my decision, they cannot control who I am or my destiny, It will be my hard work to continue. If it makes me an asshole in front of the world so be it, Be confident and wild and you should not put on a rage, it will only destroy you. Thank God for heaven. I will be careful about my whereabouts but might need some place else to crash.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Are we free?

-Vibhor Agarwal

The quintessential question which a democracy or any political setup asks is of freedom. Freedom of choice, of expression and of behaving whatever the way we want to be.  Often we find ourselves asking the same question that are we free?

We are all bound by chains, chains which we willingly or unwillingly wear that keeps us from being free. The chains of society, of family, or the rules imposed by government all bound us from moving around. But sometimes we are also limited by our own mental capacity.

Human brain is a magnificent machine which can find solution to any problem it faces and I am pretty sure we can find ways to freedom in different ways. But we somehow don’t seek freedom like we seek security or love.

The reason might be that we don’t value the freedom as much as we value the chains in our lives. In our daily lives we happily trade our freedom in exchange of our personal gains.  But before trading such an important commodity we must define freedom.

Like all abstract topics, freedom is also defined from person to person. ‘I can do whatever I want.’ is also freedom. & ‘I can do whatever you want’ is also a kind of freedom. The basis is the willingness of people to take certain steps which might ensure freedom.

The most crucial barrier in the way of freedom is the sacrificing nature of human kind. Often we try to work out solutions that are pleasing to others and will make them happy, but in doing so we forgo our own desires which might lead to resentment. 

The issue of resentment might lead to great turmoil in one’s mind and then a great war will start which will deprive them of the inner peace. Peace which cannot be restored until and unless freedom is achieved.

Freedom differs from willingness. We might be willing to do certain thing but we are not allowed to do them. For example, I might be willing to kill to someone but I will be reprimanded if I do so.  But it does not mean that freedom and willingness are not attached.

Too much restrictions over the desire of people may lead to catastrophic events. If government control is too high general resentment will also increase and will eventually take shape of a revolt. A struggle for freedom only happens when the willingness or desire of people are crushed and they are not allowed to follow them.

In our daily lives also we are only free if our desires meet the freedom of choice. If we can freely take our decisions then we might as well take any decision we want and stick to it. That way even if our decision turns out to be wrong, we won’t feel resentment toward others who took our decisions.

To achieve freedom one thing must be forgone the sense of security and the capability to take risks. If we are able to leave the first and adapt the second, we can have our freedom.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Phronesis 9.0 and Inter College Sports Meet Jazbaa 3.0

International Management Institute (IMI) Bhubaneswar hosted its Annual Sports Event “JAZBAA 3.0” on 27th- 28th January 2019 and Annual Cultural Fest “PHRONESIS 9.0” on 29th January 2019 at its campus. The whole three days event was in association with Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC).The Silver Sponsor for the event was AMRI Hospital. The co- sponsors for the event were NTPC, IMFA and Green Looks. Other media and refreshment partners included WOW Momo,Red FM, Bisleri, Sattaz, VLCC, Green Trends, etc.The chief guests for the event were Miss Irene Sarkar- Assistant Director, ICC, Miss Mousumi Deb- Assistant Director, ICC, Mr. Kartik Dakua – President-Amateur Kickboxing Association of Odisha, Mr. JB Pany- Co-chair, ICC Odisha State Council and Mr. Sujoy Ghosh- Head of Youth Initiatives, ICC.

The annual fest of inter college competition comprised of various competitions like Cricket, Chess, Carom, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Pool in the sports event Jazbaa and competitions like Chase the Killer, One min to Fame, NFS, PUBG, Beg Borrow, Bust a Groove, Catwalk, Singing, Picturesque and Tik-Tok in the cultural event Phronesis. The footfall for the event was more than 1000 students all over Bhubaneswar, from various colleges.

The event had lot of learning elements with fun and pleasure for the participating students. In addition to the students from IMI, the students who participated were from Birla Global University, BJB College, ASBM, Utkal University CET, Trident, RCM, IIIT Bhubaneswar, SOA University etc. The event ended with a spectacular dance show titled 'Bust a Groove' and astonishing catwalk titled ‘Cruising the Catwalk’ which saw active participation from different teams. The director of the institute, Prof. Ramesh Behl felicitated the winners and runner ups with certificates and cash prizes. ICC felicitated the coordinators of Jazbaa with trophies as a token of appreciation.

At last, there held a thrilling performance from a renowned DJ from Bhubaneswar which made the students dance to his tunes and brought the event to its successful completion.


Mai fit toh desh fit!

The annual sports two-day event of IMI Bhubaneswar has finally knocked the door. Jazbaa is about the spirit, the dynamism, the zest which unites people. Every year IMI Bhubaneswar conducts “JAZBAA” where colleges from all over Bhubaneswar participates in various games such as Queen Hunt, Kaboom, Shikhast, Table Tennis, Football, Volleyball, etc. The whole ground gets filled with enthusiastic participants and cheering audience yelling Hip Hip Hurray!

The enthusiastic day began on 27th January 2019 around 9:30am with the lightning of the lamp by our honourable chief guests from ICC and Amri Hospital, Mr. SLN Reddy, Mr. Sujoy Ghosh and Mr. Ashok Behera. After that Mr. SLN Reddy, gave a speech on how sports keeps the mind and body healthy, how it increases the team spirit and confidence. Followed by this, Mr. Sujoy Ghosh put light on how ICC has supported Jazbaa and has acted as a pillar to encourage initiatives done by the youth. The meaning of the geek word – Phronesis which means practical understanding and wisdom was described by Mr. Ashok Kumar Behera. He also told the audience about how much human beings have evolved from living in the jungle to now telling Alexa to sing a song for them.He also encouraged students by saying, If you do something beyond, then only you will achieve something grand. Adversity is must to grow in life.Our Director, Prof. Ramesh Behl uplifted the participants by saying- “Mai fit toh desh fit”. Thereafter all the participants, students, teachers and guests gave an ignition to the event by chanting the national anthem.

All the participants then got dispersed to their respective locations to represent their best performance in the events. The refreshment partners WOW Momo and Bisleri quenched the thirst and hunger of the participants. Besides that, the Prayas Club of the college prepared some chat and snacks such as Sandwiches, Lemonade, Papdichat, Panipuri, etc. That’s how all the participants accompanied us till 8pm and made the event a gigantic success.

Saturday, January 26, 2019


Freedom in mind,
Faith in words,
Pride in our heart,
Memories in our soul.
Let’s salute the nation on

IMI family wishes all, a very Happy Republic Day. Today, the whole nation celebrated the 70th Republic Day. The day at IMI B started with the flag hoisting, followed by national anthem. Our director, Prof. Ramesh Behl delivered an inspiring speech on how in life you have to adjust and overcome every circumstance that comes in your way. Never give up because great things take time. Thereafter, students of different committees got certificates for their hard work and their contribution in performing various tasks. The certificates of UBA and Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan certified by the Government was also distributed to the students for contributing in the rural development of India.

Followed by snacks, tree plantation was done by the director along with a bunch of students as a tradition of IMI because we believe in “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Last but not the least some cultural activities were performed by the students and that’s how the celebration ended with a feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment for the homeland.

Saturday, January 19, 2019



“There’s no great joy than saving a soul”

The blood you donate gives someone another chance at life. One day that someone may be a close relative, a friend, a loved one – or even you. IMI Bhubaneswar feels gratified, that a blood donation camp was organised here in association with Odisha Blood Bank, Capital Hospital and Indian Red Cross on 19th January 2019. The camp started around 10am and continued till 2pm. Initially a form was made filled by the students in order to have a general information of health. After that registration of the students was done and students who were eligible to give blood were called one by one in the bus. Huge number of students as well teachers contributed selflessly by donating the blood. After the donation, some refreshments were provided to the donors such as biscuits, real juice, glucose and banana. There was a huge enthusiasm among the students, a feeling proud was found in  them.The blood samples were carefully carried and transported away.

The day was full of zeal and cheerful faces, a true embodiment of what we believe in. At last, the donors got a certificate of recognition as well as a card though which they can get 1 unit of blood for free whenever they need it. Thus, IMI Bhubaneswar did an appreciable cause.


-Ajit Mahendra Maurya

India has a great tradition of sports, and is greatly influenced by the British presence in India in the 18th and 19th century. Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular sport, but in such a large and populous country there are many other sports that are played by a lot of people. With sports comes some great events which have happened in the time series. I would share some of the events which had made India proud and honoured.

The 3rd Boxing Day test 2018 in which India registered their 1st series in which they won on Australian soil. Hypochondriac behavior could be seen among the Indian fans. Day 3 sublimated the Australia’s Innings to mediocre one’s. An innings which stupefy the dressing room. Recovering from this point of time needed a extra zeal to bring Australia back into the test series as well as test Match. Australians who were playing for the pride and denying the prospect of India, though glory on their turf.

4th Test in which India registered their 1st ever away series won in Australia. There’s been scrutiny of this team and some of them might be their own doing in the way of the team selections and some of the statements thrown around. But the fact remains, there is the only Indian team to have done it ever alone in last 15-20 years.

Any series that propels Cheteswar Pujara to the rightful status of a batting superstar is a serious worth cherishing. With 521 runs from 1258 balls, he basically broke Australia’s bowling attack into the ground. He blocked everything, Australia just couldn’t figure out a plan to get him out. Even the energy beams and water canon ,he might have blocked them too. The rookies saw off the new ball and that set the platform for the Pujara- Kohli marathon stand. The batsmen posted a mammoth score and that was followed by the series defining spell by Jasprit Bumrah.

Virat Kohli kissed the Border-Gavaskar trophy which is handed to him the great Allan Border himself. Kohli relegates himself to the periphery for the photograph. There’s this great vibe in the team, soaking in the atmosphere and the celebrations. Some of the players got their families onto the field to share with the them. It’s all very lovely to see.

Thus, all  we can abstract from sports is- Push yourself again and again. Don’t give an inch until the final buzzer sounds.

Saturday, January 12, 2019


-Rohit Chandel

‘Utopia’ as defined in the Oxford dictionary, ‘is an imagined place or state of things where everything is perfect.’

What if we got everything we that ask for? What if there were no loss and all profits? What if all our wishes came true? What if all the countries became rich, prosperous and flourished with all sorts of goods and resources? Will there be a time when we could ask for literally ‘no more’?

Human beings are a social animal. They require food, water, shelter and various other basic resources to survive, though now a days, the number of requirements lists a stretch of necessities. Can there be a society where all of us surviving on this planet could get ‘all that we want’? That wouldn’t just result in the happiest society all around the world but also the most, rather the one with never ending resources. The Perfect World, one would call it. Seems such a beautiful place to be in, right?

Well the harsh truth is, no one can survive it. In Bible, the Garden of Eden was a Utopia provided to the first man and woman, where they could have anything they had in their sight but for a forbidden fruit which God himself ordered them not to consume. After getting lured by a snake to consume that fruit, they were banished from the Garden of Eden. The human desire that still exists in each one of us, couldn’t resist them in exploiting that abstinence.

An experiment known as, Behavioral Sink, was performed by ethologist John B. Calhoun
Human brain is quite complex to understand but it functions similar as that of a mouse’s.  This is the reason why most of the experiments (including this) are performed on mice than getting into the trap of human rights violation. In the experiment done by Calhoun, several mice were kept in a confined area where they were provided unlimited food, water and protection from all predators, diseases, etc., in short creating a mouse utopia for them. The result wasn’t as bright as the situation that was provided, the mice started dying from overpopulation and after some time, it eventually ended up in the extinction of that once 2200 large population society. Major reason being cited as ‘over-population’.

Humans had been provided with plentiful resources since the inception of its species 200,000 years ago, but what we do with it and how we go along with what this universe has provided us, has been the biggest question. A person gets a million-dollar lottery, yet he runs into debt, a country finds gold mines beneath it, yet it goes into trillions of dollars of debt, where does the human being go wrong if we are the most intelligent and deserve to be at the top of the food chain? The need to have ‘more’ has not only killed human’s chances of earning an imaginary utopia, but has also led them to the destruction of the very imperfect world they’re living in.

The same might not be the reason of the downfall of our race as was in the case of Calhoun’s experiment, but yes, if human beings were to be provided with a state of utopia, they’ll meet the same fate.

Friday, January 4, 2019


-Alok Upadhyay

Human race is a greedy species. In an attempt to earn more and more money they have started losing mental satisfaction and peace.But why is contentment and peace so important? Isn’t earning money the only satisfying thing.The answer is big NO.

In his recent interview Ratan Tata, former chairman TATA group said “Don’t be serious, enjoy Life as it comes”. He clearly pointed out towards the issue of having a balanced life.An individual should maintain balance between time apportioned to work and his other life interests. Other interests may include family, hobbies, and social or leisure activities.

Working round the clock not only prove detrimental to physical health but also mental health. Working without any serenity in life leave no difference between a human and a machine.There is no point in having money when you don’t have time or place to spend it, there is no point in having promotions when you don’t have people or family around you to share the happiness, there is no point in coming to home with a depressed face and at the end of the day questioning you existence.

In recent times there have been reports on increasing number of people suffering from depression, migraines, obesity, etc. citing stress and work pressure as one of the major reasons.
Hence one should have a holistic approach towards life i.e. to have a good health, patience and serenity, good health and exercise, fixed time for sleep, have a quality time with themselves and their family- so as to have a happy life and they can enjoy it to fullest.

You cannot reap full benefits out of your work until you enjoy doing it. Therefore don’t make your life a part of your work rather make your work a part of your life.Remember life is too short to have tensions and we have got only one, so enjoy it my dear friends and make full out of – “kya pata kal ho na ho”.

Saturday, December 29, 2018


-Rohit Chandel

The universe started with a big bang almost 13 billion years ago. The big bang is the phenomenon due to which we all came into existence, it created the universe. There are a number of theories which suggest the causes of it but let’s just not get into it, not everyone here is a celestial fanatic.

But according to the laws of physics, all these theories drew only to one conclusion which is that before the big bang, all the things were in a singular form or in other words, they were collectively held together in clasp of hands until some force just pushed it outside to scatter around which eventually created the universe.

Until that unknown force pushed out the celestial bodies to make up the universe, it was all a concept of singularity, everything was held closely knit to the other, conjoined and united in all aspects.

Compare this phenomenon to the society we’re living in, isn’t it much very like what and where we’ve been heading to since last few centuries. When mankind became familiar with the elements of the earth, it started experimenting with it and made things out of it which were not only of immense help but also created tools of destruction in the name of defense. They were never used for defenses though. Human beings barely learn how to live as a civilization when some force starts to separate them from their kith and kin. The unknown forces, in the case of human beings that separated them from the concept of singularity was nothing but their own misgivings against their own counterparts, which in the case of universe is still not known.

Human Beings whose species came into existence not even in a fraction of a second if we compare it to the timeline of the birth of the universe, yet we humans try to change laws of nature, the nature that created us. Earth is the only known planet to have sustained life form by balancing its environment with its natural surroundings. Ignoring all the alien theories, life is a complex and a unique concept. Among the uncountable celestial bodies, why and how only Earth had such suitable climate to sustain life. Considering this as a fact, human beings are considered as the most civilized species on the planet as they have fully developed senses to encounter their surroundings. Yet when it comes to maintaining the singularity among themselves, human beings would be rated at the lowest possible rank among all the species.

There’s still a lot to learn from everything that surrounds us and has been thriving long before us. Not only would it help us correct our mistakes that our ancestors might have done but it could also teach us how to survive.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

 International Conference on India and China

An International Conference on India and China: Economic, Social and Cultural Perspectives in collaboration with Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences, China was organized by International Management Institute at the IMI B campus on 14th and 15th of December, 2018. An interview was taken regarding the conference by Prof. Ramakrushna Panigrahi and Prof. Supriti Mishra in which some questions were asked regarding the challenges and expectations they have gone through from they thought of organizing such a grand conference . The key questions of the interview are as follows.

Prof. Ramakrushna  Panigrahi's Interview

QUESTION: What challenges did you face while conducting such cross-country conference?
The main challenge that we faced while organizing this conference was to arrange VISA for all the delegates & coordinators. The application for VISA is a very long process and the duration for which you get VISA is very short.  Another challenge for us was to attract good quality research papers from the participants.

QUESTION: How this conference will be beneficial for our college?
The conference had witness footfalls of many researchers which will benefit in creating awareness about our college. We are also planning to release all the research papers of the conference in a book form.

QUESTION: What had been your expectations from the Indo-China conference this year?
We have hosted this conference in 2016 as well. So this year we had expected more number of research papers, more number of participants, and more researchers to be a part of this conference.

QUESTION: What had been the take away from the conference for the students?
The students had got exposure to multicultural environment. The got the chance to gain knowledge from the research papers that had been presented in the conference. Many students had also volunteered in this conference from our college, so they got an idea of how to manage such kinds of international events.

QUESTION: Which all countries had participated in this conference?
We had received research papers from India and China only. However the conference was open for all the countries.

Question: How many participants are generally involved in this conference? 
Generally we had 50+ research papers excluding the paper presentation from our own college. We had 100-120 participants approximately.

Prof. Supriti Mishra's Interview

QUESTION: What challenges did you faced while conducting such cross-country conference?
While organizing such cross country conference the main issue that we came across was of the socio-political relationship between the governments of the two countries. The social-political culture that had been prevalent in these two countries came into picture & influenced the way delegates perceived such kinds of international conferences.

QUESTION: How this conference will be beneficial for our college?
Any management student requires a global perspective of the issues. These kinds of cross country conferences help students to develop an understanding of business in global platform.

QUESTION: What did you expected from the Indo-China conference this year?
We had expected more number of good research papers, academia and researchers from across the borders. We looked forward to have nice exchange of ideas between the countries.

QUESTION: What had been the take away from the conference for the students?
 The students got deeper insight about various issues and also got an opportunity to gain knowledge from the micro perspective.

QUESTION: Which all countries had participated in this conference?
We had received papers from India and China only but we were open to research papers from different countries.

Question: How many participants had been involved in this conference? 
We had 100-150+ participants in this conference. Apart from them we had the faculty and students of our college who had presented their paper in the conference.

4th IMI Bhubaneswar & EGADE Business School Conference

An International Conference on Global Business Environment was organised by IMI Bhubaneswar in collaboration with EGADE Business School, Mexico City on 7th and 8th December, 2018. After the conference got over an interview was taken and few questions were asked which had these answers.The key conveners were Prof. Manit Mishra and Prof.Sourabh Sharma.

Question1. What challenges did you face while conducting such cross country conference?

Answer: The main intention of such conference was to provide platform to research scholars for presenting their research work and disseminate the information across the borders at global level. So the challenge for us was to find a cutting edge theme that would be relevant to the prevailing business environment. The running theme of the conference is Global Business Environment, so under that for this year we had decided the theme of “Industry 4.0: Business beyond Boundaries” because according to current business scenario it is the most relevant topic.

Question 2. How this conference will be beneficial for our college?

Answer: This conference will increase the awareness about our college internationally as we will be able to communicate to 100 times more people. Many times it may happen that colleges start these kinds of conferences but do not regularly conduct them over the years or conduct them only once in a while, but we have been conducting this conference in a very systematic way since 2015 & this was our 4th edition of the EGADE Conference. This conference brought researchers from across the border at the same platform and turned out to be beneficial for our college as it will result in recognition of our institution.

Question 3. What had been your expectations from the EGADE Conference this year?

Answer: From the conference this year we had expected many positive deliberations, participation of many good researchers and dissemination of research information across countries & we have successfully achieved this.

Question 4. Which all countries had participated in the conference this year?

Answer: Since it is an international conference we had been open to researchers from all over the world. This is year we had received research papers from countries like Mexico, Spain, Nepal and India as well.

Question 5.  How many participants had been involved in this conference?

Answer:  This year we had received 150 research papers out of which we had finalized 85 papers for final presentation. We had a footfall of 160-180 people out of which 48 delegates were from Nepal.

Additional Info:
EGADE Conference is Co-chaired by Professor Ramesh Behl of IMI Bhubaneswar and Professor Rajagopal from EGADE Business School, Mexico City. This conference is chaired by many reputed chairpersons from India & abroad. This year also we had 12 professors from India & abroad together. In the conference we had participants from the top IIMs & IITs. These kinds of conference generate buzz which leads to recognition of the institute.

Saturday, December 8, 2018


-Mohit Badhwar

We all are born with a tight fist, well that’s how our brain is at that stage. But steadily, as we grow up that fist gets unlocked and that’s the moment when our brain starts twiddling. We start observing and perceiving everything we see around us. We see, that the world is so colossal with so many shades, colours, people, artefacts and what not. With this we start getting choosy even as a child as what we want and what not. We start pointing on the colour that attracts us, the dress which others are wearing, cake with all the gems on it, shoes with a squeaky sound and food that delights our tummy. We start mewling and bawling at parents of what we want and become as rigid as rock if we do not get it. Eventually our parents get us the shimmery dress just to see twinkle in our eyes. Isn’t so?

But as we grow up that bubble gets burst and we realise that “LIFE” will not always fulfil your wishes. Even after the mewling and bawling life might give you a kick on your ass. Now, those childhood tantrums won’t work anymore. Then, what are we supposed to do to make our wishes and dreams come true? Should we “Follow our dreams. Figure out where we would like to be, what we like to be doing, and then figure out what you need to do to get there.” Well, is it that simple…If not simple it’s true for sure. Putting an extra edge to get what we want isn’t a bad deal. The catch here is how desperate you are achieve your goal, the sacrifices you can make to make that dream come true, the hard work you put into it, the obstacles which you beat, the mould which you have bought into yourself. If all these things are put together and once you make a firm decision, the whole universe will conspire to make it happen. One needs to be dedicated, focused and consistent.

Now some people may disagree with all of what I said and say that it’s all philosophical crap and however hard you try, life will always give you lemons. Life has always been unfair and will always be to me. Then, the answer to it is look around yourself. You might have a bundle of things which you have and you don’t appreciate because you have got them with an ease. There might be the things which you don't want but you still have. That’s because you needed them. To make our lives beautiful, life always provides us a baggage of stuff which we might need. For the extra things which attract us and then we aspire to have them in our lives, comes after strong efforts. Success is getting what you want and happiness is wanting what you get. You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you’ll find you get what you need.  

“Sometimes not getting what you want is the best thing for you.”