Science Fiction boosted..

By:- Mrutunjay Mohapatra

I told him that it was like aliens. Like flying saucers. Like Star Wars. Like Transformers. But no matter what analogy I made, the little boy standing in front of me could not grasp the concept of science fiction.“Does that mean you can’t shrink this?” The little boy revealed a small, green HotWheels car from his pocket. “Mrs. Nathan can shrink her bus so small it swims in your blood, and you guys can’t shrink this? This car is way too big for my ants to drive!” He stared at me with sincere and confused eyes, and it pained me, knowing that I would be the source of this young boy’s disillusionment. I knelt down to meet him at eye level. “I’m sorry dude, but the Magic School Bus is science fiction,” I responded. “It’s science fiction. It isn’t real life.”Of all of my moments working as a salesman at Geppetto’s, a local toy store, this one was both the most memorable and most significant to my life. While the l…
STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM ARCHIVESIn philosophy, empiricism is a theory that states knowledge comes primarily from experience. And to experience the richness of a diverse country, one must eat the food they eat, wear the clothes they wear and dance to the tunes they dance to.

Indians and French are similar on many grounds. The one worth mentioning is that we’re both big on gastronomy. In India, it’s all about variety — of dishes, of spices, of regional specialties, of elaborate platters a.k.a. thalis. In France, it’s all about pairing the right foods — wine and cheese, wine and main course, main course and sauce, liquor and dessert. With the result that we spend considerable amounts of time in the kitchen and at the table. And yes, guilty as charged, during lunch breaks at work/otherwise.

IMI Bhubaneswar, home to students from a mélange of cultural diversity, hosted a student exchange program in collaboration with Rennes School of Business, France. It was a three month exchange program w…
NOSTALGIA -Vibhor Agarwal
The petrichor of the first rain used to sweep me up from my window and I would continuously watch the droplets hitting my window race down to the bottom. Those were the usual evenings when I was a kid. Back then the noons didn’t bore me to and the evenings weren’t tiring enough. Those were the days where the hardest decision was whether we want to watch Duck tales or Aladdin, I could have stay all day in front of TV, watching cartoons and no one would disturb me, that was the best summer I could have imagined.
Then we grew up and complicate our lives to enter the system of society. We educate ourselves, gets into social circles, tries to form relationship other than the blood ones and eventually make our lives complicated and as a matter of fact, spend most of the time trying to defend the walls which we create to protect ourselves and others.
But sometimes it is better to break the walls and make amends to life. No matter how great your life was, it is not g…
Are we free?-Vibhor Agarwal

The quintessential question which a democracy or any political setup asks is of freedom. Freedom of choice, of expression and of behaving whatever the way we want to be.Often we find ourselves asking the same question that are we free?
We are all bound by chains, chains which we willingly or unwillingly wear that keeps us from being free. The chains of society, of family, or the rules imposed by government all bound us from moving around. But sometimes we are also limited by our own mental capacity.
Human brain is a magnificent machine which can find solution to any problem it faces and I am pretty sure we can find ways to freedom in different ways. But we somehow don’t seek freedom like we seek security or love.
The reason might be that we don’t value the freedom as much as we value the chains in our lives. In our daily lives we happily trade our freedom in exchange of our personal gains.But before trading such an important commodity we must define freedom.
Phronesis 9.0 and Inter College Sports Meet Jazbaa 3.0

International Management Institute (IMI) Bhubaneswar hosted its Annual Sports Event “JAZBAA 3.0” on 27th- 28th January 2019 and Annual Cultural Fest “PHRONESIS 9.0” on 29th January 2019 at its campus. The whole three days event was in association with Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC).The Silver Sponsor for the event was AMRI Hospital. The co- sponsors for the event were NTPC, IMFA and Green Looks. Other media and refreshment partners included WOW Momo,Red FM, Bisleri, Sattaz, VLCC, Green Trends, etc.The chief guests for the event were Miss Irene Sarkar- Assistant Director, ICC, Miss Mousumi Deb- Assistant Director, ICC, Mr. Kartik Dakua – President-Amateur Kickboxing Association of Odisha, Mr. JB Pany- Co-chair, ICC Odisha State Council and Mr. Sujoy Ghosh- Head of Youth Initiatives, ICC.
The annual fest of inter college competition comprised of various competitions like Cricket, Chess, Carom, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Pool in …
JAZBAA 3.0Mai fit toh desh fit!

The annual sports two-day event of IMI Bhubaneswar has finally knocked the door. Jazbaa is about the spirit, the dynamism, the zest which unites people. Every year IMI Bhubaneswar conducts “JAZBAA” where colleges from all over Bhubaneswar participates in various games such as Queen Hunt, Kaboom, Shikhast, Table Tennis, Football, Volleyball, etc. The whole ground gets filled with enthusiastic participants and cheering audience yelling Hip Hip Hurray!
The enthusiastic day began on 27th January 2019 around 9:30am with the lightning of the lamp by our honourable chief guests from ICC and Amri Hospital, Mr. SLN Reddy, Mr. Sujoy Ghosh and Mr. Ashok Behera. After that Mr. SLN Reddy, gave a speech on how sports keeps the mind and body healthy, how it increases the team spirit and confidence. Followed by this, Mr. Sujoy Ghosh put light on how ICC has supported Jazbaa and has acted as a pillar to encourage initiatives done by the youth. The meaning of the geek word…

Freedom in mind, Faith in words, Pride in our heart, Memories in our soul. Let’s salute the nation on REPUBLIC DAY
IMI family wishes all, a very Happy Republic Day. Today, the whole nation celebrated the 70th Republic Day. The day at IMI B started with the flag hoisting, followed by national anthem. Our director, Prof. Ramesh Behl delivered an inspiring speech on how in life you have to adjust and overcome every circumstance that comes in your way. Never give up because great things take time. Thereafter, students of different committees got certificates for their hard work and their contribution in performing various tasks. The certificates of UBA and Swatch Bharat Abhiyaan certified by the Government was also distributed to the students for contributing in the rural development of India.
Followed by snacks, tree plantation was done by the director along with a bunch of students as a tradition of IMI because we believe in “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. T…